Parker & Associates, P.A.

At Parker & Associates, P.A. our clients experience the intimacy of a boutique law firm while having the benefits of experienced lawyers and staff, trained in large firms. We believe our success is based on our meticulous dedication to detail, our cost-effective service and personal attention we give every client.

We have extensive experience in:  residential/commercial real estate transactions, business law, landlord/ tenant law, estate planning, wills & trusts, probate litigation and short sale negotiations. Our objective is to always exceed our client’s expectations.

Title Insurance

When purchasing a home or commercial property we provide title insurance, one of the most important steps in the transaction other than the careful review of all documents. We provide title insurance through Old Republic National Title and Commonwealth, two of the highest rated title insurance underwriters in the United States. Our fees for title insurance are the promulgated fees set by the State of Florida.

Real Estate Trust

Parker & Associates, P.A. is a full service residential and commercial real estate law firm. We assist our clients from transaction negotiation to contract agreement and transaction completion and closing, including title insurance.

Also, we are well versed in Land Trusts and provide all necessary tools for an ownership entity. Additionally, total anonymity of ownership is provided.  A Land Trust is not burdened with the added expense of governmental reporting or governmental reporting cost; the only required reporting is with the Internal Revenue Service, which is necessary to keep Land Trust information confidential.

Short Sale Negotiation And Lender Loan Workouts

A short sale transaction is one in which a seller wishes to sell a property wherein they have a mortgage loan balance that exceeds the value of the property. In these situations the seller's mortgage lender must approve the sale. We assist our clients by acting as an intermediary between themselves and their lender in order to obtain short sale approval; generally, the short sale client will not incur any legal charges for our services.

Our short sale team is devoted exclusively to the timely completion and closing of short sale transactions. The short sale team has valuable experience facilitating short sale approvals and a high short sale approval success rate.

The short sale team handles all aspects of short sale transactions from the initial listing with a real estate agent, to lender approval, and the ultimately transaction closing.

Our team works closely with Realtors, Sellers and Buyers to establish a sales contract, which includes the conditions of the short sale, as well as the appropriate exhibits and necessary amendments (e.g. Seller hardship information) to achieve a transaction acceptable to all parties.

Once lender approval is obtained, the short sale team coordinates all the details to efficiently conduct the transaction closing and settlement, and issue the appropriate title insurance policy.

Real Estate Transactions

Whether you are buying or selling residential/ commercial real estate, our firm can represent your interests during the process. We represent both buyers and sellers (individuals, investors, developers and commercial entities) in a vast array of real estate matters throughout the State of Florida. We insure the chain of events in your transaction take place methodically and carefully, communicating with you at every step to ensure a seamless experience.

We assist in all aspects of the closing process from the review of the contract to closing. We draft and negotiate contracts for sale, building, development and leasing along with other real estate related documents. We will also assist with loan applications, 1031 Exchanges, FIRPTA, Land Trust and field any questions that may arise during the process.

Short Sale Negotiations

At Parker & Associates, P.A. we understand the many challenges inherent with the short sale of any property. Our fulltime negotiator, with over 10 years of short sale experience, will handle the process in a manner most likely to produce a successful outcome. Having the right advocate on your side insures that no detail will be overlooked.

Corporate Law

Parker & Associates, P.A. helps clients establish corporations, limited liability entities, shareholder, member or partnership agreements, corporate annual report filings, and preparation of by-laws and annual meeting minutes.

Opening a new business has many legal and tax implications that should be addressed when starting the new corporation or limited liability entity; at Parker & Associates, P.A. we take the time to walk you through the entire process.

Wills, Trust, Estate Planning & Probate

When preparing for the future of your estate, it is important that there be a plan of action that gives you the confidence in knowing your estate will be handled in the manner you desire. Parker & Associates, P.A. will assist you with the precise execution in the transfer of your estate to your heirs.  We will keep estate taxes at a minimum and work with you to develop a plan that preserves the estate for your loved ones.

Depending on the client’s unique circumstances, the probate process can be relatively straightforward, or it can be extremely complex.

Parker & Associates, P.A. will guide you through every step, including formal probate administration, ancillary probate administration, estate distribution without administration, and more.

In some cases, there are homestead issues that must be considered in order to avoid creditor claims

Landlord Tenant

Parker & Associates, P.A. can guide you through all the complexities of Landlord/Tenant law.


  • Rental and Lease Agreements
  • Lease Termination
  • Security Deposit Returns
  • Landlord Rights
  • Tenant Rights
  • Landlord/Tenant Disputes
  • Repairs and Maintenance Rights and Duties
  • Eviction and Eviction Defense

Business Law

Parker & Associates, P.A. provides clients with advice and services needed to confidently navigate the exciting, yet challenging path of entrepreneurship and small business ownership. We will assist in business plan development, review and counsel, name selection, partnership agreements, business entity formation, and operating agreements.

Estate Planning

When it comes to estate planning, each client has very particular needs.

We identify the various needs of each client and then we create a customized plan. The plan may include the preparation of a will, power of attorney documents, living wills, and advance health care directives.